A different kind of pharmaceutical company

  • Research-focused
    More than 1,000 patents issued or pending
  • Vertically integrated
    We discover, develop, manufacture and market our own products
  • Global reach
    Locations in the US, Puerto Rico, Belgium, Luxembourg and Australia
  • Passionate about health, medicine and people
    Positively impacting the lives of people worldwide

Taking on major health challenges since 1994

Founded on innovation, Romark has been a problem-solving, research-driven company since day one. Today hundreds of our employees share our mission—to passionately impact the lives of people worldwide.

What’s in
our DNA

Our corporate values identify us, govern the way we think and function, and determine our destiny. At Romark, our values are embedded in our logo. Find out what we’re made of.

Romark Leadership

Our leadership is composed of lifelong innovators and committed industry veterans who bring a wealth of experience and unique perspectives to our business.

Global Presence

Romark’s reach has expanded to three continents

Corporate Responsibility

We’re committed to transparency and full compliance